Citrine Gemstone Bracelet



Nubian Hueman’s Natural Citrine Stone Bracelet promotes positivity and optimism by possessing the healing properties of the sun and protecting you from evil thoughts. Let this gemstone strengthen your self-esteem and bring about a more vibrant flow of energy in and around the body.  As a whole, it’s believed that citrine helps to cleanse chakras and open up the windows of intuition, creating a greater sense of alertness and a spiritual connection to one’s self. This is thought to make you wiser and more observant.

  • Authentic citrine gemstone
  • Healing properties 
  • Elastic band
  • 6-7mm round beads

Nubian Hueman is a retail social enterprise specializing in sourcing and curating unique goods, fashion, and art by Black-owned and Brown-owned brands that represent the global diaspora through fabrics, ingredients, and cultural symbolism.

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