AfroPick (Ori)



In the style of face painting used in the Yoruba tribe, the AfroPick (Ori) design reflects a piece of heritage that gives insight into the diverse cultures from which we come.  As believed in Yorubaland of present-day Nigeria, Togo, and Benin, Ori represents a connection to spiritual awakening. Ori, meaning “head” in Yoruba, is a physical part of us that we protect and use to expand the reaches of our imagination.

  • Salon-grade
  • Steel needle prongs
  • Great for detangling
  • Perfect for natural hair

AfroPicks are more than just a tool to take care of our natural hair. They are also a symbol of unity, strength, and heritage. Through the marriage of art + culture, they are on a mission to bring afro-textured hair back to the "norm".

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