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The EASE of Sunday Spring Collection

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    The EASE of Sunday Collection, which includes HOMAGE, is a nod to stillness in an everchanging, fast-paced world.  It is earth-toned and warm featuring the work of Nubian Hueman, Printed •Pattern• People, and Nigerian-based brand, LeyeLesi.  The essence of the collection is slow sipping, easy conversation, and fuss-free with natural beauty from the ground to the crown.

    The HOMAGE Collection features a re-design of a custom Nubian Hueman print in collaboration with Nigerian-American surface print designer Shadé Akanbi of Printed •Pattern• People.  Shadé's clients include Target, Anthropologie, Bounty, Ann Taylor LOFT, and many more where she "translates traditional ethnic patterns and textiles into modern reinterpretations for everyday wear". 

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