Anansi-Maasai Gift Wrap



Dimensions: 30 SQFT. The Anansi design is a tribute piece to the spider tales and the dynamism of Black oral tradition. Anansi means spider in the Ghanian akan language. The spider tales were transmitted to the Americas by way of the transatlantic slave trade. The Anansi design features a layer of intricate webs fashioned to almost resemble violet-colored lace. Oftentimes, lace adorns west African gowns, suits, and dresses. The design also features sanguine clusters or pods to symbolize the communities where our spider tales took a foothold in such places as Suriname, Grenada, Colombia, the virgin islands, Jamaica, and South Carolina to name a few. Anansi the character would later permeate beyond the communities of the enslaved and in the 20th century made its way into Disney's animated film song of the south, dc comics justice league, and marvel comics the amazing spider-man volume 2 (2003), wherein it is revealed that Kwaku Anansi was the first spider-man.



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