Washington D.C. Store Closing FAQs

Are you really closing?
Yes, our Washington D.C. (Anacostia) store is officially closing as of December 31st. We are open until our closing event on December 29th.  Our Baltimore store and online store will still be open after the New Year.  Our new app will be launching very soon too!

Why are you closing?
Is the furniture for sale?
Some!  We will notify our email and text messaging lists about the online furniture/fixture sale. It will more than likely include tables, chairs, shelving, mannequins, equipment, etc. We aren't taking any personal requests.  It's fair game, sorry.
When is the blowout inventory sale?
We are taking most of our stock from the D.C. store to our Baltimore store and online.  However, we may throw something out there if we're overstocked.  Stay tuned.
Will Nubian Hueman be back in D.C.?
We hope so.  D.C. will forever be our home.  We will still have an address at 1231 Good Hope Rd SE, Washington DC since there are services we will still provide.  We are looking at other area retail locations, as well.
What will happen to your store team?
Everyone is still on board and will transition to other facets of the business.
What will happen to your designers?
We are an evolving brand and we know that closing this location may tremendously impact local brands, as well as, brands across the world.  We are committed to building a stronger and more scalable strategy to support our community.
What should I expect at the closing event on Dec. 29?
Well...a good time!! Check out the ticket link below for details and event-specific FAQS.

Join us for our D.C. Store Closing Event: