Afro-Funk African Spice Rub + Dip Mix

Afro-Funk African Spice Rub + Dip Mix

Afro-Funk African Spice Rub + Dip Mix

Dawadawa, Garlic, Mushroom Umami, funky, shroomy West African dawadawa— which also powers our Afro-Funk Fonio Pilaf—is a complex fermented seasoning that is the backbone of so many West African dishes. Complemented with garlic + mushroom it’s an explosion of savory umami flavor with a pop. Yolélé African spice rubs provide the blend of herbs, spices, and flavors needed to make some of the most beloved West African dishes at home. But they aren’t just for traditional preparations. Yolélé spice rubs can create the base or finishing touch to just about any meal. They are all also perfect as quick dip mixes, when mixed with some sour cream, labneh, or Greek yogurt.
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Keep in cool and dry.

Organic onion, locust bean powder, salt, organic garlic, organic coconut sap, sugar, organic spices, organic dried mushrooms, dried chiles, organic high oleic sunflower oil

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