Archives In Motion Zine (2nd Edition)


Forward:  Desirae Lee

This is a gathering of THINGS from the past and present. This is a personal celebration and a thank you to the wonderful souls I've come in contact with over the years. Let this be a time capsule of sorts to harness my interdisciplinary craft which is ever-evolving. 

Archives In Motion has been a glorious experiment to conjure my aesthetic. To tinker with, to curate and to search my archives. Inside you will find a collection of photos, poems, essays, thoughts, and collages that have been floating in and out of my pen as well as behind my lens. 

This year I cautiously press pause to mark surviving a quarter of a century. Yes, as a black woman I choose to say surviving because I realize my life is neither guaranteed nor abundantly protected. Each day is worthy of celebration and a chance to honor the legacy of my ancestors by making THINGS they never could have imagined. 

Here, and as always, I strive to uplift vulnerability and find beauty in the mundane. This also serves as my appraisal of my blackness thus far and my womanhood thus far; a complex blessing that demands preservation. I look to previous generations as an inspiration and recognize the power of youth. 

To my subject(s); 

I'm in awe that you've given me your energy and image. It is in divine timing that I return this work to you. Thank you in every way possible. 

To my teachers and mentors; 

Your belief in me will never be forgotten. From classroom, to workshop, to page, to stage, thank you for teaching me to be kind to myself. 

To every creator; 

Your process is just that, YOUR process -- in healing , in art, and in love. Take what you need. Leave the rest to God. 

  • 6.69" x 9.61"
  • 68 pages
  • Full color

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