Goddess Body Cleanse

$38.00 $50.00

The Goddess Body Cleanse™ is a new revolutionary 100% Plant Based 28 Day Detoxification System for women.

 The wondrous benefits include:
• clear skin issues,
healthy waistline reduction/slimming
• enhanced energy levels,
• Eliminates parasites & worms,
• Balances female related organs & hormones
• regulates menstrual cycles
• less painful menstrual cycles
• regulated blood pressure, cholesterol etc.,
• regularity of bowel,
• Enhanced mental acuity, focus, & concentration
• eradication of cravings (especially sugar, junk food, etc.),
& much much more!

The Goddess Body Cleanse©™ comes with 3 herbal extracts to consume daily, the Belly Buster Botanicals Herbal Fiber blend to add to smoothies or water, and information specifying your daily eating regimen, recipes, detox/cleanse expectations and much more!

Directions: Simply, take the Mind & Spirit Herbal Extract  in the morning, the Healthy Yoni™ Herbal Extract in the afternoon, & the Purify Herbal Extract  in the evening.  Make your Belly Buster Botanicals™ natural fiber drink anytime throughout the day; and your eating regimen will consist of fresh, raw fruits & veggies, and other majority raw plant based cuisine from recipes and examples provided to you!

The Goddess Body Cleanse™ includes ALL of the following:

-Healthy Yoni™ Herbal Extract

-Mind & Spirit Herbal Extract

-Purify Herbal Extract

-Belly Buster Botanicals™ Herbal Fiber Blend

-Eating Regimen, Plant based Meal Plan, & Directions


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