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Taboos these days aren’t manifested in stonings or shunning, but in more subtle, insidious patterns. Public enough for community gossip, lamentation, and shaming, but never open enough to foster meaningful dialogue toward a collective resolution. We pride ourselves in having transcended the cultural biases of our parent’s generation, yet we still passively perpetuate them in silence. 

The aim with Radiant No. 13, The Taboo Issue, is to start a conversation around cultural taboos both ancient and modern, and more importantly, to share stories of women bucking the trend so that others walking these paths can know they’re not alone.

More than a magazine, each volume of Radiant Health is a beautifully designed coffee table magazine printed on premium paper. 180 pages // soft-touch cover.

Radiant Health magazine is published twice a year. 

Giving Back: Our Partnership with Mirabel Center Lagos
Radiant Health believes that actions speak louder than words, even when they're beautifully written and printed. To this end, they have partnered with Mirabel Center Lagos and committed to donate a portion of each magazine sale to its mission. Your purchase of Radiant Health Magazine enables Mirabel, the only organization of its kind in Nigeria, to provide rape and sexual assault victims free forensic medical and counseling services.


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