The Sins of My Parents by Ro Chidike


The Sins of My Parents Paperback – August 4, 2017

The Sins of My Parents is a gut-wrenching coming of age story that tackles love, loss, abuse, and addiction. The story follows Ro, as she grapples with the sins she inherited from her parents and the ones she collects along the way. This coming of age story addresses the effects of generational trauma through the lens of epigenetics and lived experience while highlighting the importance of healing across communities. As Ro journeys through life, she finds that the very traits and behaviors she's come to hate about her parents are the very traits that she, herself, possesses. While trying to unpack and correct these shortcomings, she finds herself in a world of trouble and is forced to confront the demons she's enjoyed dancing with for years. Through this confrontation, she is forced to grow up and bravely face the sins of her parents. The Sins of My Parents is required reading for anyone that has ever struggled with building a bridge of understanding between themselves and a parent or anyone who has tried to mend a relationship with an absentee parent. It is a compelling tale of how the environment we are born into shapes the life we live and the way we come to give and receive love. This beautifully brutal and oft visceral story will undoubtedly encourage lifelong conversations surrounding parenting, consent, relationships, friendship, community, and forgiveness. This jaw dropping account of growing up will make you laugh, cry and reflect as you realize that you could be Ro and in fact, you are.

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