**Voted Washington DC's Best Boutique by Washington City Paper Reader's Poll**

Nubian Hueman features cultural goods along with art of various mediums reflecting the African Diaspora and Black culture. Our myriad of talented designers bring ethnic influences to modern silhouettes and product lines by using traditional patterns or ingredients. We concentrate on (but are not exclusive to) brands and artists that provide growth opportunities and/or a portion of its proceeds to not-for-profit organizations, fair-trade, or socio-economic causes. The Nubian Hueman Boutique Lounge serves as a means to promote collective interaction, community development, and global responsibility through a fresh and artistic platform.


Our Mission directs all aspects of our business to drive and sustain growth:

  • People: Allow the heartbeat of Nubian Hueman to live in our people by having fun, inspiring one another, and educating on the methods to deliver exceptional service. 
  • Partnerships: Advocate the cooperative spirit and interaction by uniting our community of artists, suppliers and customers from all across the globe.
  • Product:  Offer the most contemporary fashion, art, and beauty products rooted in ethnic tradition, technique, and quality.
  • Principle: Keep social responsibility at the forefront through philanthropy. 
  • Place:  Foster a way-of-life environment that reflects and encourages pride within design. We allow our fervor to transform space into a capsule of energy, purpose, and customer gratification. 
  • Profit: Build profitability through analysis and creative solutions while being conscious of our vast responsibilities.

The aspiration of Nubian Hueman is to flourish into a multi-faceted lifestyle brand that provides a retail conduit to a target market of ethnic-oriented fashionistas and enthusiasts alike. Nubian Hueman not only believes in its mission to influence physical appearance, but also its ability to improve quality of lives.