Diversifying the retail marketplace for Black-owned and Brown-owned brands by brick and click. 

Spaces With Stories to Tell

Nubian Hueman artwork on shelf

What we do


We curate collections rooted in authenticity, uniqueness, and culture. Our products are thoughtfully designed and sourced to help bring timeless traditions to the modern day.


We partner with Black-owned and Brown-owned brands from around the world, connecting them with our retail spaces and experiences that bring culture and good design to your everyday lifestyle.


In a world riddled with inequity in the marketplace, we serve as a platform for purposeful shopping that is unapologetic and intentional.

Nubian Hueman Owner Anika Hobbs

Hey Family! I'm Anika, the founder of Nubian Hueman

The Magic Makers

Ebony Costain

Lead Buyer

Sola ekunseitan

Brand Experience | Major Events

Nate Anderson

Company Supervisor

Amber | Artana | Kaylan | Kenya

Sales Team

We build spaces that allow for Black consumers to be seen, heard, and nurtured.

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Small Business - Big Impact

Amplifying Black & Brown-owned brands

Buying Black & Brown-owned is a way of life; Not an initiative. Our ecosystem of artists and brands spans the globe. It's not just representation that sits on our shelves, but opportunity, community, and economic independence.


“2.7% of brick & mortar businesses are owned by people of color.” Our goal is to build retail experiences and an online marketplace where our customers and brands are the secret ingredients.  


We enable our customers to get up close and personal with the brands they love.  Through our knowledgeable team, events, and dedication we believe small businesses can be giants too.


Our brands uplift the health, wellness, and evoke joy in Black folks while representing African diasporic culture, traditions, or heritage.